DEAN + KATHLEEN is a shop for fiber based art that is deeply inspired by the nature that surrounds us.

All items are one of a kind and handmade in Los Angeles, CA by me, Betsy Ann Mudd, by using the most sustainable and ethical practices as possible.

Every single DEAN+KATHLEEN piece is comprised of at least one element that is recycled or reclaimed. All driftwood comes from the shores of various bodies of water in my life. All of the deer antlers used have been naturally dropped by deer during their annual shed (as opposed to hunting) and gathered on my family’s farm in Iowa. Most of the fiber used has been reclaimed from thrift stores, gifted from friends’ collections that were getting too bountiful, or are leftovers from past projects.

A note about DEAN + KATHLEEN… Dean was a farmer, a quiet man with a love of tools, tractors and collecting antiques in his barns. Kathleen was a school teacher who made her children’s clothes, tended a large garden, canned food for the winter and loved to paint. Dean and Kathleen are my maternal grandparents who lived on a farm in rural Iowa. This shop is dedicated to them.


Betsy Ann Mudd, founder/owner/artist

I started DEAN+KATHLEEN because I love traditional craftsmanship, creating, and the challenge of turning something old and discarded into something new and beautiful.

Sewing, knitting, weaving, macramé, natural dye, and embroidery are the craft forms that I love the most.

My shop, DEAN+KATHLEEN, is dedicated to my maternal grandparents who lived on a small farm in Iowa when I was growing up. I loved exploring all of their barns for antique treasures, getting lost in the cornfields, watching my grandmother paint flowers and helping with the garden harvest. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I often revisit this place in my mind.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you have any questions or would like to collaborate on making something truly special, please feel free to reach out to me!

Betsy Ann