17: Forest Green Jersey Knit Macramé on Natural Deer Antler Shed


Shed Deer Antler: Found on a walk on my family’s farm in Iowa.
Fiber: Jersey Knit Cotton

Wall Hanging: Width (9.5 inches) x Height (34 inches)

Deer Antler: Various shades of tans and browns
Fiber: Forest Green

This wall hanging is hung by the same jersey knit cotton fiber used to build this macrame piece.

This deer antler was gathered while on a walk on my family’s farm. Deer shed their antlers once a year and then grow an entirely new set that fits their growing bodies. Fortunately, the deer experience no discomfort while shedding their antlers.

If you would like to acquire this piece, please visit the DEAN+KATHLEEN Etsy Shop to purchase.

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