14: Forest Green Wool Scarf


This scarf was made using the most beautiful yarn with tones of forest green. The pattern resembles leaves from a vine. This beauty will certainly keep you cozy, warm, and stylin’ during those chilly winter days!

Fiber: 100% Wool Yarn

Width (8 inches) x Length (75 inches)

Fiber: Forest Green

“Beatrice” by Jane Richmond
Check out her patterns at janerichmond.com!

Hand wash with mild liquid detergent in cool water and lay flat to dry. Wool will felt with excess motion so, when washing, only use gentle movements. Roll up in dry towel to remove excess moisture. Do not soak, wring, or tumble dry scarf!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me!

If you would like to acquire this piece, please visit the DEAN+KATHLEEN Etsy Shop to purchase.

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