12: Reclaimed Yarn Macramé on Branch


Branch: Collected after a tree was cut down in the courtyard where I live
Fiber: 100% Wool Charcoal Grey Yarn + Robin’s Egg Blue Yarn (gifted from my Uncle’s yarn stash)

Wall Hanging: Width (28 inches) x Height (38 inches)
Branch: Length (28 inches) x Diameter (1.75 inches)
Weaving: Width (20 inches) x Height (38 inches)

Branch: various shades of brown
Fiber: Charcoal Grey + Robin’s Egg Blue

I have installed hanging hardware (D-ring with clip) at both ends of the branch. You will be able to hang this piece on a wall with a hammer and two nails (not provided).

If you would like to acquire this piece, please visit the DEAN+KATHLEEN Etsy Shop to purchase.


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