01: Macramé Rope Wall Hanging on Wooden Branch Painted Seafoam Green


Branch: Found on a walk in my neighborhood
Rope: Natural unbleached cotton rope

Wall Hanging: Width (68 inches) x Height (70 inches)
Branch: Length (68 inches) x Diameter (2 inches)
Weaving: Width (29 inches) x Height (65 inches)

Branch: Seafoam green (or, if you ask the Krylon paint company, it’s Catalina Mist)
Rope: Off-White (the rope used is natural and unbleached cotton)

I want you, the buyer, to be able to decide the best way to hang this piece for you. For this reason, I have not installed any permanent hardware to this wall hanging. When you purchase I will include an extra length of cording that will allow you to hang this piece on a single nail.

*Note: This macramé hanging was built on a branch. A real one. That means that the branch is full of character with curves and texture that help make this piece truly unique. That also means that, on this particular branch, it is difficult to hang with D-rings that would be invisible to the viewer.

If you would like to acquire this piece, please visit the DEAN+KATHLEEN Etsy Shop to purchase.

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